Should Your Business Prepay for IT Service Hours?

There are a lot of altered kinds of IT agreements out there, and apparently just as abounding questions over what represents a acceptable amount and what doesn’t. But if it comes to prepaying for billable technology hours, business owners access at a decidedly absorbing conundrum: They’re acceptable to save money if they buy up front, but they aswell run the accident of purchasing technology advice that they will not charge or use in the abreast future.

So should your aggregation prepay for billable IT hours?

The abbreviate answer, from our point of view, is it depends. And what it depends on is the adjustment you’ve formed out with your IT computer abutment specialist or IT casework provider. If you’re artlessly paying for a discounted “block of time” that you can use aural six months or a year, for example, again we’re traveling to go adjoin the atom and say it’s not advisable. After all, that ability be abundant for your business IT consulting provider’s banknote flow, but unless you are planning to accept technology problems, again there’s no way to be assertive that amount is anytime traveling to be of amount for you. And if you are planning on accepting technology problems, again why not fix them now afore they end up costing your business added money?

We aren’t acceptation to betoken that your IT provider wants to yield your money and run, but in such a situation, area is their allurement to go the added mile for you? They’ve gotten their money, so it’s up to you to anticipate of something for them to do.

That getting said, there is a additional affectionate of “prepaid” adjustment that we would recommend: a managed casework agreement. What’s the difference? With IT managed services, you’re paying the aforementioned affair to your IT provider every ages whether you accept a botheration or not. Unlike purchasing a block of hours, this puts them in a position area they’re amenable for befitting your company’s technology alive smoothly. Otherwise, it’s alone traveling to yield added of their time and amount to get your business aback on track. In added words, you aren’t paying for the time, but for the completed job.

That’s a attenuate difference, but it’s the aberration amid a abundant amount and a abeyant decay of your investment. If it comes to paying for IT up foreground or at approved intervals, acute business owners will go for managed casework every time. It ability complete added constricting than just paying for a few hours, but it’s aswell a abundant bigger deal.